Jovan has been a travel and photography aficionado for a long time. He has fine-tuned his photography skills thanks to his wife Sanja, a professional and award-winning photographer. Jovan has had an extraordinary opportunity to extensively travel and document everyday life, as well as precious cultural heritage and gorgeous nature in many countries, particularly during his term as a Serbian Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia and seven Southeast Asian countries he was accredited to.

During his rich and diverse career, he has also developed particular sensitivity to various grassroots issues and initiatives, not only in Southeast Europe (through his experience at the Balkan Trust for Democracy), but also in other corners of the globe. Being a Harvard Kennedy School of Government graduate, as well as alumn of another three universities (Stanford University, University of Pittsburgh, and Belgrade University), Jovan puts special emphasis on fostering education. Currently, he is a Member of the Serbian Parliament, where he serves at the Foreign Affairs Committee, as well as its Permanent Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, where he is particularly focused on migration issues. Last but not least, Jovan is a black belt holder in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, which emphasises harmony with the surrounding world.